First Year Experience

Support, advising and resources

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Preparing Students for Success

FEP provides you with the resources needed for success during your first year on campus. As an engineering freshman at Missouri S&T, you'll work toward completing common freshman year courses while acquiring information to help you determine a major and career.

Advising Information

We have four professional advisors who work full time to advise students along with several faculty members who volunteer to provide advising to students in FEP. They know the departments' programs to help you make the best academic decisions to progress out of FEP into the department of your choice. Each semester, you'll schedule an appointment with your advisor and discuss what classes to take for the upcoming semester.

Transitioning to your major

After completing the common freshman year, your freshman advisor will ask you to fill out an application to transfer to your chosen undergraduate engineering degree program. Each degree program has different requirements for acceptance. Knowing these requirements early will help you decide which engineering program is the best fit for you.

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