Common Freshman Year

Required Courses

Chemistry & Physics

  • Lab Safety & Hazardous Materials (Chem 1100)
  • General Chemistry (Chem 1310)
  • General Chemistry Laboratory (Chem 1319)
  • Engineering Physics I (Phys 1135)


  • Pre-calculus classes, if needed
  • Calculus for Engineers I (Math 1214)
  • Calculus for Engineers II (Math 1215)

A math placement test is taken prior to your first semester at S&T, and your scores determine the class you take.


  • Study & Careers in Engineering seminar (FE 1100)
  • Engineering Design w/Computer Appl. (ME 1720)

Humanities and Social Sciences

Transitioning to Your Major

After completing the common freshman year, your freshman advisor will ask you to fill out an application to transfer to your chosen undergraduate engineering degree program. Each degree program has specific requirements for acceptance, which are generally listed on department websites. Knowing these requirements early will help you decide which engineering program is the best fit for you.

Degree Requirements by Major

These charts are prepared by Freshman Engineering using the 2016-2017 catalog. It is designed to assist in advising and course selection. Refer to the student's catalog requirement year for official requirements, and to the student's degree audit for official progress.

Aerospace Engineering (PDF | Excel)
Architectural Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Biochemical Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Ceramic Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Chemical Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Civil Engineering (PDF| Excel)

Computer Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Electrical Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Engineering Management (PDF| Excel)
Environmental Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Geological Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Mechanical Engineering (PDF | Excel)

Metallurgical Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Mining Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Nuclear Engineering (PDF| Excel)
Petroleum Engineering (PDF| Excel)